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Couldn't that same information have been presented with less of a negative spin? How about "Pittsburgh Has Second Best Job Loss Stats of Benchmark Communities" or Job Loss in Pittsburgh Slower Than 13 Benchmark Cities"?

Negativity breeds negativity and I fail to see the logic or motivation for presenting our region in the worst possible light.

Leave that nefarious work to the Allegheny Institute!

Dear John,

I've known that you've been up to "some good" (in contradiction to "no good"!) lately with your Pittsburgh Today: "Structural deficits threaten local municipal fiscal health" confirms this. Many thanks for sending this along ... Keep up this important contribution to help the 'Burgh know even better "where it stands"! Are we now in the third decade -- a fourth -- of "benchmarks"!?



Wilbur A. Steger
CONSAD Research Corporation

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