Pittsburgh recognized as a startup hotbed! (by Gary Rosensteel)

John Foley, editor of InformationWeek, wrote an article, "Penguins, Pirates, Steelers, and Startups" that not only talks about the high level of startup activity occurring here, but also provides a series of interesting videos featuring local entrepreneurs and leaders of our entrepreneurial community.

InformationWeek is the top industry journal in the information technology industry covering activities around the globe.  For Pittsburgh to be so highly (and thoroughly) recognized by this well known publication is a great boost for our area; putting us in front of thousands of top decision makers.

However, my purpose with this post is to encourage everyone here to check this out.  It is critically important to the future of our region that WE start seeing ourselves in a different light - a place fostering success, and providing an environment conducive to 'the good life'! 

This is one of the challenges the Help Startups organization has been addressing since we founded it four years ago.  The need to get our population on board with supporting entrepreneurial activities, and realizing this is a GREAT place to live and work!


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